11 & 14 - the two positions Keith Earls spent his career playing in have contributed immense joy and success, and are the inspiration for the name of his business – ELEVEN14 Coffee Roasters.

In my eyes, GREAT COFFEE is at the centre of many of our lives, from casual catch ups with friends to business meetings, from pre-match kicks to post dinner relaxation. All of ELEVEN14 single origin coffees are Arabica and Specialty. I strive for perfection in both the quality of the product and in building the relationships of all stakeholders, employees, suppliers, investors and of course our customers and end consumers. We understand that coffee and company are the perfect blend!
- Keith Earls


Our Story

Throughout my 15-year professional rugby career I have been lucky to travel the world, witnessing and experiencing vastly different cultures. But no matter what continent we were on, no matter what team was playing, coffee was the commodity that bound us together. Teammates, opposition, families, supporters; drinking coffee became a meeting of minds. This has fuelled my passion and love for coffee and has driven my desire to learn how coffee is produced.

I started roasting coffee using a popcorn maker at home in my kitchen, sourcing green beans from various sources around the world and experimenting with the roast profile. I delved deeper and deeper into learning the art of roasting, always seeking help and guidance from established roasteries, mixing various profiles and flavours.