Info-Gel Ltd.

The Stewart Group has been a leader in the wire and cable industry for over 40 years.
Info-Gel Ltd.

The company had been providing gel manufacturing services to Info-Lab in North America since the 1990's. Info-Gel began manufacturing gel for Info-Lab in North America in 1998 and quickly became the industry's dominant supplier. The Stewart Group acquired Info-Lab's optical cable gel business in 2008 and established Info-Gel.

Info-Gel employs the most knowledgeable people in the gel business and is a great complement to The Stewart Group's extensive offerings to the wire and cable industry.

Info-Gel's manufacturing plants are unique in the industry. Extensive research and testing led to the selection of unconventional, high-tech precision equipment. Automated and computer-controlled systems deliver gels of the highest standards and comply with exacting industry specifications.

Superior quality raw materials are used to create Info-Gel's premiere thixotropic gels. Info-Gel rigorously evaluates raw material sources and has secured long-term arrangements with suppliers. Components are combined to create a completely homogeneous product that can perform over the widest range of temperatures.