Serosep Ltd

Serosep is a manufacturer of laboratory diagnostics solutions. Providing diagnostic solutions for clinical laboratories and environmental markets
Serosep Ltd

We are the leading laboratory diagnostics specialists in microbiology, histopathology and environmental testing. We manufacture and connect powerful performing diagnostic products and solutions with superior care to laboratory teams worldwide. Through design, development and manufacture of best in class products, supported by exceptional customer care we are developing lasting relationships with suppliers and customers to become leading suppliers in our field of expertise.

Serosep's flagship product is EntericBio, a diagnostic test that revolutionises Gastrointestinal testing. The EntericBio system is a molecular automated platform for the detecting enteric pathogens' DNA direct from stool samples, providing results in less than three hours. Our latest development in the global fight against Covid 19 is RespiBio, a PCR swab test for Sars-Cov-2, Flu A & B and RSV for use in clinical laboratories.

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